Our Board of Trustees

AALI’S Trustees possess expertise in various fields and have immense grassroots and academic experience as pertains to issues related to women and children.

Founder and Managing Trustee: Ms. Tulika Srivastava

Tulika Srivastava is a human rights lawyer and founder-member of AALI, also currently serving as its Managing Trustee. She has extensive experience in building and working with organizations and institutions dedicated to the realization of human rights of women. With her knowledge and experience of law and women’s human rights, Tulika has worked as a technical resource for the women’s movement and has also contributed to the designing and implementation of programs to support social justice for women. A key negotiator for the NGO working group on Optional Protocol for CEDAW, she has been working on the implementation of the Convention actively since 1994. In addition, she has also held the position of the Executive Director of International Women’s Rights Action Watch Asia Pacific (IWRAW-AP) in the past. She is currently the Executive Director of Women’s Fund Asia and also serves as Co-Chair of the International Network of Women’s Funds since 2013.

Founder and Presenting Trustee: Ms. Huma Khan

Huma Khan is a lawyer with extensive experience in the field of women’s human rights and a founder member of AALI, serving as its Presenting Trustee. She has substantially contributed to the development of community understanding around the rights of women and children, especially with respect to identity issues in India as well as in other countries. Huma worked in Gujarat following the 2002 sectoral violence on the topic of access to justice for survivors of sexual violence. She has worked extensively on sexual violence in conflict being used a weapon and tactic of war and conflict in various conflict countries of the world including Darfur-Sudan, Iraq, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka with Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights. She currently works as the Senior Women Protection Advisor for United Nations Mission in South Sudan.

Founder Trustee: Ms. Nisha Srivastava

Nisha Srivastava is a founding member of AALI, currently serving as the Founder Trustee on AALI’s Board of Trustees. A distinguished academician, she teaches at the University of Allahabad as Professor of Economics. Nisha has substantially contributed to the study of Development through the lens of Gender and Excluded Groups. As AALI’s Founding Trustee, Nisha brings in her unique perspective and experience of working with Access to Rights for all. For five years, she served as the Head of Research and Vulnerability Analysis for the UN World Food Programme, where she supervised frontier research and the preparation of district-level food security atlases for the poorest states. She also co-authored the first Human Development Report for Uttar Pradesh, which was sponsored by the UP Planning Commission and United Nations Development Programme. In Allahabad, she is among the founder members of a women’s group, Chetna, and also works with Sahayog, an organization focusing on the rights of women, tribal communities, and the poor.

Member Trustee: Ms. Seema Misra

Seema Misra is a lawyer based in Delhi and is a Trustee on AALI’s Board of Trustees. She holds a Master’s degree in Human Rights from the University of Essex. She has been working on access to justice legal empowerment and protection of rights of marginalised communities for three decades. She has vast grass-root experience of working on issues such as women rights, labour rights, internal displacement , food security, civil liberties etc. She is currently litigating in Delhi and has been associated with national and international non-governmental organisations such as Multiple Action Research Group (MARG); Satark Nagarik Sangthan ( SNS) ; Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative ( CHRI) ; Amnesty International; UN Special Rapportuer on Adequate Housing.

Member Trutee: Rajashri Dasgupta

Rajashri Dasgupta is an independent journalist based in Kolkata specializing on issues related to gender, health, human rights and social movements. She currently serves as a Member Trustee on AALI’s Board of Trustees. She has been working as a journalist for more than 25 years and started her career in Business Standard before she moved to political and social issues as a senior editor in The Telegraph. In the past, Rajashri has been awarded the Panos Fellowship that led her to focus attention on the unethical drug trials with quinacrine to sterilise women in West Bengal. She has contributed articles in edited volumes on health, women and violence and has also co-authored a book on the contemporary women’s movement in India called, Our Pictures Our Words: A Visual Journey Through the Women’s Movement. Rajashri is also an editorial advisor to Himal Southasian, the first and only pan-regional news and analysis magazine in South Asia. She is also one of the founding members of the journalist organisation called, Network of Women in Media, India. She is involved in the peace and women’s rights movements and is on the board of several organizations working for social change.

Member Trustee: Geeta Ramaseshan

Geeta Ramaseshan is a designated senior lawyer, practicing in Madras High Court. She currently serves as a Member Trustee on AALI’s Board of Trustees. With a career spanning over 35 years, Ms. Ramaseshan has contributed immensely in the area of criminal law, constitutional law and family law, with specific emphasis on human rights and women’s human rights. She has provided representation in several landmark cases on behalf of victims of police brutality, custodial rape, and violence against women and children. In the past, Geeta has conducted workshops on international human rights law at the Asian Forum For Human Rights and Development, Bangkok and the International Women’s Rights Action Watch-Asia Pacific. She also serves as an adjunct faculty in Asian College of Journalism, where she teaches media law. In 2001, the Madras High Court recognized Geeta’s service as a defender of women human rights by assigning to her the investigation of a human trafficking in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka that transported victims, including children, to work in bonded labor in granite quarries.

Member Trustee: Azra Musavi

Azra Musavi is a Professor at the Advanced Centre for Women’s Studies, Aligarh Muslim University where she works closely with issues of marginalized communities, especially women and tribal groups, and currently holds the position of a Member Trustee on AALI’s Board of Trustees. As an academic, her work is concentrated in understanding the interaction with and dependence of marginalized communities on natural resources and impact of developmental schemes and economic policies on them. She holds an M.A. & M.Phil. degree in Economics and Ph.D. in Sociology from A.M.U. In the past, she has worked as Senior Research Fellow on a USFWS & MoEF project at the Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun. She has been teaching Economics as well as interdisciplinary courses in Women’s Studies and Biodiversity Studies at A.M.U., has worked on several projects as Principal Investigator and Co-Principal Investigator, and has also guided research.