About AALI

AALI is a feminist legal advocacy and resource group addressing women's issues through a rights-based perspective.

AALI envisions an egalitarian social system that recognizes women as complete individuals and equal human beings through advocacy for women's human rights. Our organization undertakes research, activism, and direct response with a strong focus on violence against women and the right to choice in relationship decision-making. Since the organization’s founding in 1998, AALI has aimed to fulfill the following objectives.

Mission and Objectives

  • To advocate and work for the issues and concerns of women, especially those from marginalized and deprived communities.
  • To undertake fact-findings, legal research, and policy analysis focused on women’s rights issues, particularly on the right to choice in relation to sexual autonomy.
  • To act as a legal support organization and resource center with a feminist perspective for other women’s groups, collectives, organizations, institutions, and individuals.
  • ~ To create, publish, and distribute material pertaining to women’s rights, issues, and concerns.
  • To provide legal and other required assistance to women, especially abused women, as well as initiate legal action and intervene in legal issues pertaining to the right to choice and violence against women.
  • To network and maintain links with other organizations and women’s groups at the regional, national, and international levels on issues related to women.


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AALI Directly Intervenes in the Following Concerns of Human Rights :

  • Women’s Right to Choice and Decision Making in Sexual Relationships
  • “Honour” Related Killing/ Suicide
  • Rape and other forms of sexual violence (Child Sexual Abuse)
  • Sexual Harassment at Workplace
  • Acid Attack
  • Domestic Violence
  • Forced Marriage (Child Marriage)
  • Women's Right to Mobility
  • Trafficking of Women
  • “Witch” Hunting

AALI Programs

Advocacy & Networking

AALI’s Advocacy & Networking programme engages with key stakeholders, including civil society organizations, the media and government authorities, to further awareness and understanding of the law and press for state accountability for the realization of women’s human rights.

Casework & Legal Support

Since 1999, AALI has been intervening in cases of right to choice in relationships and violence against women. In line with the organization’s holistic approach toward addressing issues of particular concern to women, AALI has pursued its casework efforts through a human rights framework.

Programs in Jharkhand

Started in 2008, the Jharkhand programme serves the urgent need of local community organizations to incorporate the justice delivery mechanism into their programme framework. Paralegal trainings help develop the capacity of grassroots organizations to protect the human rights of marginalized women and children and to ensure State accountability in these matters.

Women Leadership Program

Historically, challenges like inequality, circumstances of abuse, lack of opportunities and patriarchal mindset of our societies have deprived women of their personal development, economic independence and realizing their full potential. AALI believes that women can be the pillar of strength and resilience for their communities and they have immense potential of leadership.

Resource Center

Upon AALI’s founding in 1998, the creation of a resource department was identified as a critical need in terms of building the organization’s capacity, and AALI began addressing women’s rights in the private sphere by conducting preliminary research on the subject.


[T]he purpose of our holding [in this judgment] is to give the wife’s right to residence a meaningful efficacy as dictated by the needs of the times; we do not intend nor do we propose the landlord’s right to eviction against his tenant to be subordinated to wife’s right to residence enforceable against her husband. Let both the rights co-exist so long as they can.
Paragraph 33B.P. Achala Anand vs. S. Appi Reddy and Anr.(2005)3SCC313

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