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Audit Reports

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Right to Choice in Relationships

Control & Freedom:
Women & the Age of Sexual Decisions

Compendium of Judgments:
Right to Choice in Relationships

Facing Reality

An analysis of the legal ambiguity surrounding the age of consent vis-a-vis sexuality and the impact of the same on women’s right to choice and sexual autonomy. A compilation of legal judgments on right to choice cases, which arose from AALI’s RTC casework beginning in 2000. This publication was inspired by the National Colloquium on the Right to Choice organized by AALI, in partnership with the UP Institute of Judicial Training and Research, in 2011. A compilation of case studies on the Right to Choice, published in 2010.

Against the Forces

Baseline Report:
Rights of Women in Relation to Marriage in India

Report and Recommendations on the National Consultation on Women’s Right to Choose If, When, and Whom to Marry, organized by AALI in March 2003. The report presents a detailed account of the conceptual framework, state obligations, and varied manifestation of related violations and the general recommendations made by the Committee on the Elimination of All Kinds of Discrimination against Women.

Dalit Women’s Rights

साजिशो के खिलाफ

Beyond Silence

हमारी आवाज़, हमारी चुनौती / Challenging Ourselves

Report of a public hearing on violence against Dalit women, organized in Lucknow by Dynamic Action Group in October 2005. AALI provided technical support in data analysis and documentation. A bilingual Hindi and English report of a public hearing on the situation of Ati Dalits, namely Mushar, Swachhkar, and Bansphor, held by Dynamic Action Group in Ghazipur. AALI provided technical expertise in analysis and documentation.

Domestic/Sexual Violence

Status Report on Implementation of PWDVA

Report on Police In-action under Sexual Violence cases (English)

Report on Police In-action under Sexual Violence cases (Hindi)

This study examines the implementation of the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act (PWDVA), 2005 in Uttar Pradesh from 2006-2012 and highlights the multitude of challenges faced by key stakeholders in seeking to enforce the Act, identifying recommendations for improved statewide implementation of the PWDVA in coming years. This report documents case studies of police refusal and failure to register complaints of sexual assault when first approached by survivors across seven districts of the state of Uttar Pradesh (UP). The case studies and findings describe survivors’ experiences of reporting, facing refusal by the police, and the subsequent steps taken, with challenges faced, to get the police to register the complaints as First Information Reports (FIRs). This report underscores the impact of police delay/refusal to register FIRs, in the first instance, on survivors; especially the difficulties she experiences in accessing legal remedies.
It specifically highlights the minimal recourse to the remedy contained in Section 166A(c) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). Perceptions of the hurdles to invoke this remedy point to the serious lack of trust in police accountability.
यह लिखित रिपोर्ट, उत्तर प्रदेश (यूपी) के सात जिलों में संघर्षशील महिलाओं द्वारा पहली बार संपर्क किए जाने पर यौन उत्पीड़न की शिकायतों को दर्ज करने में पुलिस के इनकार और असफलता का अध्ययन करती है।मामले के अध्ययन और निष्कर्षों में संघर्षशील महिलाओ के शिकायत दर्ज़ करने के अनुभवों, पुलिस के इनकार का सामना करना, और बाद में जिन चुनौतियों का सामना करते हुए इसके लिए उठाए गए कदमों का वर्णन है, जिसका नतीजा पुलिस द्वारा प्रथम सूचना रिपोर्ट (एफआईआर) दर्ज करने के रूप में मिलता है। यह शोध संघर्षशील महिला पर, पहली ही बारी में पुलिस के एफआईआर दर्ज करने में देरी / इनकार के प्रभाव को रेखांकित करती है; विशेष रूप से, संघर्षशील महिला द्वारा अनुभव की गई, कानूनी उपचार तक पहुँचने में आई कठिनाइयों को। सबसे छोटी मदद, भारतीय दंड संहिता (आईपीसी) की धारा 166ए(सी) में निहित उपाय पर यह विशेष रूप से प्रकाश डालता है।इस उपाय को लागू करने में आती बाधाओ की ं धारणा पुलिस की जवाबदेही में विश्वास की गंभीर कमी की ओर इशारा करती है।

Informational Pamphlets

Safar Adalat Ka

ICDS Brochure

Widow Pension Info Pamphlet

A booklet designed to familiarize grassroots activists with civil and criminal procedures.

Right to Choice Booklet


Challenging Justice Poster

CEDAW Poster

Right to Choice Poster

Challenging Peace Poster

Annual Reports

Compensating the Wrongs

Towards Light

A study identifying the state’s obligation in post-conflict situations and tracking compensation and rehabilitative measures undertaken by the state concerning women survivors. The report also assesses issues in accessing support and relief and frames effective advocacy tools to ensure fulfillment of state obligations toward survivors. AALI’s five-year report for the years 1998-2003.