Arumugam Servai vs. State of Tamil Nadu

This was a case of caste-based discrimination. The Lata Singh judgment was referred to, in relation to ‘honor’ related crimes. The court directed the administration and police officials to take strong measures to prevent such atrocious acts. If any such incidents happen, apart from instituting criminal proceedings against those responsible for such atrocities, the State Government has been directed to immediately suspend the District Magistrate/Collector and SSP/SPs of the district as well as other officials concerned and charge sheet them and proceed against them departmentally if they do not (1) prevent the incident if it has not already occurred but they have knowledge of it in advance, or (2) if it has occurred, they do not promptly apprehend the culprits and others involved and institute criminal proceedings against them, as in our opinion they will be deemed to be directly or indirectly accountable in this connection.

Full Citation: Arumugam Servai vs. State of Tamil Nadu, 2011 STPL (Web) 403 SC