AALI emerged with the aim of creating a feminist space in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, popularly seen as the stronghold of a highly patriarchal and feudal social order. Often in partnership with likeminded organizations, over the past decade AALI has carried out research, advocacy and direct response to violations of women’s human rights. More specifically, AALI has focused on undertaking holistic response to rights violations committed against women, thereby aiming to infuse the women’s movement with a strong human rights perspective. Key elements of AALI’s efforts have included the sharing of technical resources, advocacy, and engagement with various outside actors at the state, national and international levels.

AALI arose as a response to the increasing demand for organizations addressing women’s human rights at the conceptual level. Through AALI’s support, women’s groups and individuals have been empowered to speak out against a variety of issues conventionally regarded as social taboos, including repression and violence committed against women by their natal families (including honor-related crimes), child sexual abuse, sexual harassment in the workplace, the right to choose one’s partner, inter-caste and inter-religious relationships, violence committed against human rights defenders by purported “guardians of culture,” and the 2002 communal violence in Gujarat, among others.

AALI’s work is broadly categorized according to two predominant areas of focus: (1) rights in the private sphere; and (2) human rights violations. In addition, AALI provides support services to a variety of related groups and organizations, including counseling, refuge, media management, and lobbying of relevant government authorities and/or agencies.

The AALI programme team is divided into four separate but interactive units in order to ensure an effective, efficient and integrated approach toward the achievement of AALI’s mission. AALI’s four programme units are:

All of AALI’s programmes work in close consultation with one another for support, as well as to provide input and guidance for the successful realization of the organization’s goals.